Intercommonwealth Championship Match announced for Fallout

‘Smash Mouth’ Ritchie Taylor had an opportunity of a lifetime with an historic win at Ballroom Brawl in his grip, entering the Brawl with the biggest advantage possible at #20.

He survived to the very end with Mitch Waterman, as the final 2 battled it out it was ‘Loverboy’ Lochy Hendricks who used his power of his legends contract to enter the Brawl at #21 and managed to eliminate Ritchie!

Now at MCW Fallout, Ritchie will get another huge opportunity, this time for the Intercommonwealth Championship when he will face champion Caveman Ugg!

Caveman Ugg emerged from hibernation with a victory at Homecoming, retaining the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship and then entering Ballroom Brawl a top favourite.

With New Horizons on the cusp for Melbourne City Wrestling, both men will be looking at the future at Fallout.

This will be showdown you don’t want to miss!

MCW Fallout premieres on-demand Friday 16th April at 7pm (AEST) at