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By Jody Roberts

MCW Academy graduates, The Influential Skylar Cruize and Absolute Excellence Anth Cava, met in primary school, went to high school together and joined the MCW Academy together. Even though Cruize was “too cool” for Cava during their school days, they are now inseparable.

The MCW power couple took some time out from their busy schedule to ridicule, belittle and influence the MCW Wired podcast crew before Anth Cava’s MCW Fallout match against Mikey Broderick, where the discussion mostly revolved around their favourite subject: Themselves.

“Look at these guns. When’s the last time you’ve went to the gym?” Cava started “There’s no off day, I’m always on yeah, everyday I’m training, all the muscles” then Cruize added “This is literally his life” before Cava continued “Name one person who looks like me in that locker room? There’s no one!”

Attempting to retake control of the interview, daily life at the MCW Academy was brought up, “Look, since day one, at the first try out, we were together. Every single training session, Sky and I have been there dominating, no one else has done what we’ve done” Cava stated confidently. Cruize continued “No one else really sticks together, when it gets hard, they all want to give up but when I’m down he boosts me up, when he’s down I boost him up, that’s how we’ve survived“. Cava picked it back up, “Exactly. Every kind of exercise we do, we’re number one and two. Everyone else is so far behind that it’s actually a joke. We are the academy!”

Cruize made her in-ring debut back at Homecoming in February, where she famously confronted and lost to the now former MCW Women’s Champion, Avary. “Thinking about it I still get goosebumps. I was great enough to debut for the best promotion in Australia and I went for its champion. It was extremely entertaining to see people boo me“ Cruize continued, “It would have been amazing to pick up the W and to be the champ, I promise that will happen”

As conversation moved back to Anth Cava, he was asked how it felt to be one of the rising stars in the MCW Academy “One of?” Cava interjected before the question was even finished “The rising star. Number one, since day one”. As the chat moved to Cava’s debut at the Ballroom Brawl, he interrupted again “You’ve got to be kidding me, that Mikey Broderick, he’s a joke. Those squats! That was bullshit”, Cruize added, eyeing Cava up and down, “squats only target one body part right, you’ve got everything” before Cava ended with “No squats. Squats are banned!”

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