Homecoming Official Preview

Written by Chris Small

A full year has passed since the Thornbury Theatre last opened its doors to the devoted fans of Melbourne City Wrestling. 12 months since the athletes competing under the MCW banner have stepped foot in the ring. For the majority of 2020, there was a greater fight that needed to be tended to, a battle that required the entire city of Melbourne to unite and do their part to ensure the safety and prosperity of neighbours, family, and friends.

Thanks to the inspiring efforts of everyone across the country, the future seems brighter, and in that brightness there is a feeling of hope. Hope is a powerful concept, and has anchored the MCW Faithful in the knowledge that they will once again be witness to the battles within the squared circle. With the anticipation and excitement of being welcomed back into the hallowed halls of the Thornbury Theatre, Saturday February 6th truly is MCW’s Homecoming!

This is a rivalry that has been simmering in the background for months. Adam Brooks achieved a lifelong dream when he captured the MCW World Championship in late 2019. Brooks has talked at length about his goal to build his legacy in Australian Professional Wrestling, and a dominant reign as MCW Champion would go a long way to achieve that.

Due to circumstances beyond “The G.L.O.A.T’s” control, Brooksy has been unable to fulfil his duties as a fighting champion, but is adamant that he can beat the man who brags about being in the Main Event scene for over a decade: former MCW Champion Slex!

As heard on the MCW Wired Podcast, things became heated between the two rivals when an argument over who “the best” is. After “The Business” confidently declared he could beat the current champion in any type of match, Adam Brooks defiantly proclaimed he could beat Slex in 3 matches in one night if need be.

With Slex jumping at the invitation, the stage is now set for 3 Stages of Hell! The first match will be a standard fall match. The second will be a Falls Count Anywhere match, and, if necessary, the third will be a Ladder Match! Has “The Loose Legacy” been backed into a corner he can’t get out of? Or will the current champ close “The Business” once and for all?

Time is funny. It can sharpen things, repair fences, and mend wounds. But for some, it can be an agent of fester. For Tome and Stevie Filip, it has been a painful prison; leaving them helpless to avenge their loss to The Brat Pack back at Clash of the Titans in February 2020.

For The Natural Classics, they have done the best they can to make use of their confines, setting up a well-equipped gym to get into the best shape of their careers. The Filip brothers are confident that they have the strength and conditioning to run circles around The Brat Pack and reclaim their Tag Team Titles. 

But The Brat Pack aren’t exactly the underdogs in this encounter, as there’s a reason they’re the most decorated Tag Team in MCW history. Mitch and Nick are looking to extend the length of this current run with a successful defence against the team they took the belts from in the first place.

Will The Natural Classics enact their revenge and regain their Titles? Or will Nick and Mitch make a case for 2021 being The Year of the Brat?

This Saturday, Homecoming doesn’t just mark a return to action for the men and women of the MCW roster, but also the stop before the biggest event of the calendar year: MCW Ballroom Brawl!

Anchored by the eponymous Ballroom Brawl, a 20-man over the top Battle Royale, the prize for the winner is nothing short of career changing: a title shot for the MCW World Championship at any chosen time within the next year. Statistically speaking, the 20th entrant in the Ballroom Brawl has the best chance of winning the whole thing, so it is only fitting a trio of the quickest rising stars in MCW will compete for their chance to secure that coveted spot!

The Tyson Baxter originally scheduled for this match, the chances of being the last man in the Brawl have become even larger for the remaining competitors.

Who will be victorious in this high-stakes battle, and will it lead to a win of the Ballroom Brawl to further their momentum?

As if the announced card isn’t packed enough already, MCW Officials have reported that both MCW Intercommonwealth Champion Caveman Ugg and MCW Women’s Champion Avary will be at Homecoming!

As the face of the Women’s Division, Avary no doubt has a roadmap in mind for 2021. Will she share it with the MCW Faithful on Saturday night?

And what of the Intercommonwealth Champion, the enigmatic Caveman Ugg? The Jurassic Juggernaut won the belt from Danny Psycho at Clash of the Titans, and hasn’t been heard from since. Will Caveman Ugg communicate his next steps in his own unorthodox method?

It all goes down Saturday, February 6th at the Thornbury Theatre! 

Tickets to Homecoming and Ballroom Brawl are now SOLD OUT. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the exciting action, go to mcwondemand.com.au where Homecoming will be available 7pm February 8th.

For those who have purchased tickets, Doors are at 6:30pm, with the opening bell set for 7:30pm.