Breaking Point Preview

By: Chris Small

This Saturday at the Thornbury Theatre, the stage is set for the perfect storm of tension, anger, and aggression to come to a head. A pressure cooker of bitter rivalries, hunger, and jealousy is ready to blow, and with multiple championships on the line, the Melbourne City Wrestling roster is indeed about to reach its Breaking Point!

Bastard Brothers vs. Overkill (Hector Jones & Tom Crowe)

Several months ago, certified Australian Wrestling Legend KrackerJak used his newly appointed powers to form arguably the most violent tag team in the country’s history: The Bastard Brothers!

“The Mad Bastard” and his baby brother GORE’s reputation as a menace to the Tag Team Division is well deserved. However, the siblings have yet to compete in a match as a unit, giving way to speculation that the pair may be all talk. In particular, the veteran team of Overkill (Hector Jones & Tom Crowe) have gone so far as to call Krackers and GORE “cowards”!

This Saturday in Thornbury, The Bastard Brothers have the ideal opportunity to make an example out of Overkill and show the world just how powerful the two together are. Will Overkill prove that KrackerJak and GORE are overhyped? Or will Hector and Tom be snuffed out?

Delta vs. Tarlee

Since coming to MCW, Delta has been a one-woman wrecking ball; mowing through her opponents with ease and dominance. However, Tarlee is a fighter who possesses equal ferociousness and a similar style in the ring, making for quite possibly the toughest match of either woman’s career come Saturday!

Delta has claimed that she is “The Godzilla of the Women’s Division”. A moniker such as this won’t intimidate Tarlee, who wears her love of horror movies on her sleeve. Will Delta continue her reign of destruction across the roster? Or will Tarlee vanquish the Queen of the Monsters?

Slex vs. Tommy Knight

Making his much anticipated return to Melbourne City Wrestling after a stint overseas with NOAH, former two time World Champion Slex is right back down to business this Saturday when he faces off against “The Prodigy” Tommy Knight!

When Slex issued an open challenge from Tokyo, the MCW faithful were ecstatic to learn that Knight had stepped up to accept. Now, for the first time in their illustrious careers, these two pillars of Australian Wrestling will square off in Thornbury.

Will The Prodigy end up teaching Slex a thing or two in the ring? Or will Business continue to Boom?

MCW Tag Team Championship: The Natural Classics (C) vs. Big Dude Energy

In wrestling, sometimes you capture lightning in a bottle. Such is the case with Big Dude Energy, a tag team dripping with charisma that made their MCW debut last month to the raucous delight of the MCW Faithful in attendance. With such a positive reaction, management has made the decision to grant the newcomers a title shot against the Natural Classics!

The Filip Brothers have made their disbelief to this development known, openly questioning why a team that has only had 12 professional matches is getting such an opportunity at the gold this early on. Yet disparaging remarks have not phased BDE, claiming they will make the most of the shot they’ve been given.

Will Big Dude Energy make 13 a lucky number? Or will the champions prove that Classic is better than New any day of the week?

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship: Mick Moretti (C) vs. Marcus Kool

Last month, Moretti continued his antagonistic relationship with Melbourne City Wrestling when “The Soul of PWA” captured the Intercommonwealth Title and became a champion to the very company he has actively tried to bring down.

This Saturday, a challenger from overseas will try his luck against Moretti to become a champion with international flair; New Zealand’s own Markus Kool!

“The Hooligan” hasn’t been seen in MCW for quite some time, and Kool is hoping to make up for that absence by taking the title away from “The Rapscallion”. Will Marcus be able to line up his shot and kick a field goal? Or will Mick turn Kool’s championship dreams foul?

MCW World Heavyweight Championship: Mitch Waterman (C) vs. Jack Bonza

Mick Moretti has achieved his dream. Silencing the naysayers, Mitch climbed the mountain and won an epic match against the longest reigning champion in MCW history to solidify his place at the top!

This victory came with a heavy price though, as Waterman informed the MCW faithful last month that he fractured his foot at Rite of Passage. However, determined to establish himself as a fighting champion, Mitch has convinced management to grant his wish of a title defence this Saturday at The Thornbury Theatre!

MCW Management is definitely keen on holding their new champion to his word, as they have agreed on an opponent that has a deep personal history with Mitch: Jack Bonza!

Jack already holds a victory over Waterman when they faced off at World’s Collide. In addition, Bonza has pointed out that his finishing move, The Ankle Lock, gives him a massive advantage over the injured champ.

The PWA veteran has made public his statements of Mitch being “dumb”. But Waterman has proven his ring awareness time and time again. Will this awareness be enough to walk out of his first title defence still holding the gold? Or will Jack Bonza be the Achilles Heel of Mitch Waterman?

It all comes to a Breaking Point this Saturday!

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