2024 Ballroom Brawl – Show Guide

By Dan Streadman

Everything you need to know about the 2024 Ballroom Brawl!

When is Ballroom Brawl?
MCW Ballroom Brawl 2024 takes place on Saturday 15th June.

Where is it being held?
Like all the Ballroom Brawls before it, this year’s will be at the home of MCW, the Thornbury Theatre, 859 High St, Thornbury VIC.

How do I get there?
The Thornbury Theatre is on the 86 tram line. If you’re coming from the city, get off at the Blythe St / High St stop; if you’re coming from the north, get off at the Collins St / High St stop. If you’re coming via train, the Thornbury train station is only a 5 minute walk.

What time does it start?
Doors open at 6pm. The show starts at 7pm. There will be a pre-show match presented by our friends at the Relentless School of Pro Wrestling.

Can I still get tickets?
No, Ballroom Brawl has been sold out for over a month.

So, what can I do to be part of the action?
You can visit the Thornbury Taphouse, directly underneath the Thornbury Theatre, to be part of the Taphouse Takeover. Ballroom Brawl will be showing live on big screens, there will be special MCW themed drinks and food, a merchandise stand, and even the odd MCW wrestler might make an appearance.

OK, that sounds pretty cool. How can I be part of it?
Tickets for the Taphouse Takeover are currently available at MCWTix.com.au. And they’re only $10 too!

If I have tickets to Ballroom Brawl, can I also check out the Taphouse Takeover?
You sure can – your Ballroom Brawl ticket gets you entry into the Taphouse Takeover.

Can I watch Ballroom Brawl at home?
Oh yes! Ballroom Brawl will be streaming exclusively LIVE on the new home for MCW – HORIZON from 7pm AEST on Saturday 15th June. Click here to order.

What’s the official theme for Ballroom Brawl?
We’ll be rocking out to Veil Vision by East Capri all night long!

What matches are happening at Ballroom Brawl?

The Ballroom Brawl
20 wrestlers will draw a number at random to find out when they’ll be entering the Ballroom Brawl. At regular intervals the next wrestler will enter the ring. Wrestlers can only be eliminated by being thrown over the top rope, until only one wrestler is left. To the winner, a guaranteed shot at the MCW World Championship!

The Icon$ with Jarvis vs. Caveman Ugg, The Natural Classics and Tommy Knight
Following the chaos at the end of High Stakes, we get a huge four vs four tag team match pitting Slex, Adam Brooks, Rocky Menero and Jarvis against Caveman Ugg, Tommy Knight and Stevie and Tome Filip. We better reinforce the ring for this one!

Intercommonwealth Championship: DELTA (C) vs. Robbie Thorpe
Following his first MCW win at High Stakes, Robbie Thorpe has used his new mate MCW General Manager Rocky Menero to get a rematch against Delta; this time for her Intercommonwealth Championship. Can Thorpe pull off the ultimate surprise win, or will Delta’s reign continue?

Women’s Championship: Erika Reid (C) vs. Cherry Stephens
Following her huge win to claim the championship, Erika Reid marks her first defence against Cherry Stephens. This time it’s one-on-one, and this time Cherry is determined to make Erika’s reign the shortest it can be.

Ricky South vs. Mikey Broderick
Two of Australia’s most acclaimed and accomplished wrestlers meet in singles competition for the first time. The Universal Swoldier Mikey Broderick vs. The Example Ricky South. This is going to be a battle!

Ryan Rapid vs. Mick Moretti
At High Stakes, Ryan Rapid reclaimed his sense of self and turned his back on former mentor Mick Moretti. But with an enraged Moretti vowing revenge, this might have been a mistake from Rapid!

Will merchandise be available?
Yes, we will have merchandise available to purchase with credit card payments only. We also have T-shirts available online through Merch Bunny

What event is after Ballroom Brawl?
Tickets are available now at MCWTix.com.au for MCW Vendetta, which takes place at the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday 7th September.