Ballroom Brawl 2024 – MCW Women’s Championship

By Dan Steadman

There’s a new queen on top of MCW, and while many were surprised that Delta is no longer the MCW Women’s Champion, there are just as many who had a feeling that Erika Reid’s time is now. But what no-one could have seen coming was just how Erika came to win the title – not even Erika herself.

At High Stakes, the Big Wheel spun, and when it stopped, we suddenly had a Triple Threat match on our hands, and we had Cherry Stephens back in MCW for the first time in a year.

But while Cherry was the surprise at High Stakes, it seemed to be a different Cherry than we’re used to as she ignored the rulebook, and her own playbook, on a few occasions during the match.

To make her bad mood worse, she was also the one who ended up losing – and it could be a loss that really cements her new attitude.

Meanwhile, following her win, Erika was unashamedly emotional – after being away from MCW for so long, this culmination of her return journey meant the world to her.

Her spontaneous embrace of her family after winning the championship was as real as it gets and left more than a few fans (and MCW staffers) with tears in their eyes.

And that has enraged Cherry even further.

She already feels like she was hard done by in her loss at High Stakes, but after seeing the response that Erika got, all Cherry can think is that it should have been her.

So now we get a rematch of sorts, only this time it’s Erika Reid vs Cherry Stephens – one on one for the first ever – for the MCW Women’s Championship, and there will be no excuses no matter what the end result is.

Ballroom Brawl 2024 takes place on Saturday 15th June at the Thornbury Theatre.

Tickets are sold out. Sign up to our Ballroom Brawl Overflow

With a spin of the wheel the championship match became a Triple Threat Match at High Stakes (Photo: Rosie DiLorenzo)