Ballroom Brawl 2024 – MCW Intercommonwealth Championship

By Dan Steadman

What a difference a mentor makes.

It’s not unfair to say that Robbie Thorpe was in danger of getting the label of an underachiever since he started in MCW. He had all the physical attributes for success – tall, muscular, obvious skills – but he just hadn’t managed to put it all together for that important first win.

Enter our General Manager Rocky Menero, who has taken Thorpe under his wing, and seemingly given him the confidence he needs.

At High Stakes, Thorpe got that much needed first win over the immediately popular Tuckman, and it feels like he’s just turned a corner.

Now he’s out to right past wrongs.

Robbie Thorpe picked up his very first victory at High Stakes.

Meanwhile DELTA finds herself in an unfamiliar situation, as she needs to bounce back from an unexpected loss – at High Stakes her match against Erika Reid was turned into a triple threat with Cherry Stephens added into the match.

And it was Reid who pinned Stephens to claim the MCW Women’s Championship, taking it from DELTA even though she wasn’t pinned herself.

So now her Intercommonwealth Championship is on the line, and Robbie now has the MCW General Manager on his side, with the ICON$ on top in MCW right now, that success could rub off on Thorpe too.

This means that while DELTA might have the biggest challenge of her reign so far, for Thorpe this is the biggest and best opportunity of his career, and it’s going to be fascinating to see how this rematch plays out at our biggest event of 2024.

Ballroom Brawl 2024 takes place on Saturday 15th June at the Thornbury Theatre.

Tickets are sold out. Sign up to our Ballroom Brawl Overflow

The wild end to MCW High Stakes in May saw DELTA F5 Robbie Thorpe! (Photo: Rosie DiLorenzo)