By Dan Steadman

MCW New Horizons is in the record books, and it was certainly a memorable event. Here are the five big things everyone’s talking about.

1 – Brooksy is going to enter Ugg’s Jurassic Park.

MCW World Champion Adam Brooks had an incredible match against Robbie Eagles; Eagles took him to the limit, showing a more ground-based attack in the process, but in the end Brooksy prevailed, and continued to build his Loose Legacy. But when you’re the champ, you’re always a target, and Brooks’ next challenge is a surprising one – Caveman Ugg. Fresh from issuing an open challenge, and successfully facing the might of GORE, Caveman Ugg made it known that he wants the MCW World Championship. It’ll be a battle of speed against power, and it could be Brooks’ biggest test to date. The good news is that we don’t have long to wait, as we’ll see Brooks vs Ugg at MCW Winter Warfare on June 19th.

2 – Lochy Hendricks sends an MCW favourite packing.

Possibly the biggest problem in MCW right now is Lochy Hendricks’ insatiable thirst for power. At New Horizons, Hendricks defended his Intercommonwealth Championship against MCW favourite Ritchie Taylor, but before the match even started Taylor made a fatal mistake. His quest for revenge against Hendricks saw him demand that the match become a street fight; Hendricks responded by agreeing only if Taylor put his MCW career on the line too – Hendricks may be power-crazed, but he’s not stupid. Following a brutal match that saw chairs, kendo sticks, the ringside steps and thumbtacks involved, Hendricks retained his title, and Taylor is officially gone from MCW. So, who can possibly stop Hendricks? And if no-one can, what further havoc can he wreak in MCW?

3 – Brat Pack splits up for all the right reasons.

It was a night the Brat Pack would probably prefer to forget, but it could be the start of the next chapter for both Mitch Waterman and Nick Bury. In their Tornado Tag match against The Natural Classics, things were going well for the champs until the Filip brothers managed to cable tie Bury to the ring ropes, and give Waterman a savage 2 on 1 beating – breaking a few chairs in the process. Just as the Classics were about to break Waterman’s ankle, Bury verbally submitted, losing the MCW Tag Team Championship in the process. Later in the show, Waterman hobbled out, ready to cash in his Ballroom Brawl winner’s contract to guarantee a rematch, but Bury rushed out and stopped him. Instead, Bury told Waterman that he has a chance for the MCW World Championship, but he can’t win if he’s thinking about being a tag team partner. For the good of the team, Bury broke up the Brat Pack, allowing Waterman to focus on the ultimate prize.

4 – Kellyanne – who will challenge her?

The MCW Women’s division is spooked. Since the start of the year, Kellyanne has had a vicious new attitude, culminating in her winning the MCW Women’s Championship from Avery at Fallout. At New Horizons, not only did she give the crowd a real serve, telling them that she doesn’t want or need their support, but she also issued an open challenge for her championship. No-one stepped up. And if a golden opportunity like that goes begging, who’s going to have the guts to face Kellyanne in a regularly scheduled match? This seems like a turning point for the MCW Women’s division.

5 – Rocky Menero – will experience always win?

One of the less talked about streaks happening in MCW right now is the one Rocky Menero is on. At Ballroom Brawl, he defeated the rising young talent Royce Chambers. At Fallout, he defeated the rising young talent Jett Rouka. At New Horizons, he defeated rising young talent (and Rouka’s tag team partner) Tyson Baxter. Is anyone sensing a pattern here? At every turn, the youngsters get close, but Menero’s experience (and his loose adherence to the rules) sees him with his hand raised at the end. Will there be a young talent with the skills to beat Menero, or will his winning streak continue?

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