5 Takeaways from MCW Ballroom Brawl

2021’s Ballroom Brawl is done and dusted, and there were no shortage of stories from this year’s event.
Here are the Top 5 things we’re talking about right now!

By Dan Steadman

1. Mitch Waterman’s destiny is in his own hands

After entering the Ballroom Brawl as the #12 entrant, no-one could argue that Mitch Waterman didn’t deserve the win. He eliminated six men on his way to outlasting every other competitor in the Ballroom Brawl, not to mention this was the most unpredictable Ballroom Brawl match in history. Yet at the end, it was Waterman who was the sole survivor. Already a four-time MCW Tag Team Champion, Waterman is poised to make the leap into singles competition, and straight into the main event. The big question is when will he make his move? His tag team history with long time tag partner Nick Bury has seen the Brat Pack exploit every opportunity to win; we don’t expect any different from Waterman as a singles star. One thing’s for sure, MCW World Champion Adam Brooks needs to keep one eye on his back, as Waterman could seize his opportunity at any moment, and he’s certainly got the talent to win the MCW World Championship at his first attempt.

2. Lochy Hendricks is officially a “legend

It all started back in December 2017 at MCW Final Battle, when Lochy Hendricks defeated KrackerJak and sent The Mad Bastard into reluctant retirement. For over three years, KrackerJak stayed away from in-ring competition, until he finally found a loophole in his prestigious Australian Wrestling Legend’s Contract. All he had to do to return to the ring, is get the blessing from the man who beat him – Loverboy Lochy Hendricks. It took Krackers begging in the middle of the ring, and even offering Hendricks his Australian Wrestling Legend’s Contract to get Hendricks to agree, immediately turning into an unsanctioned fight. Yet for all of Krackers’ heart and desire, it was Hendricks who used multiple weapons to his advantage and knocked out KrackerJak – taking his contract in the process much to the dismay of the MCW crowd.

Yet Loverboy wasn’t done. 

In the closing stages of the Ballroom Brawl, it was down to Mitch Waterman and the #20 and final entrant, Ritchie Taylor. As they battled in the ring, the countdown unexpectedly started once more, revealing Lochy Hendricks, who used the power of his newly won contract to insert himself in the Brawl. After eliminating Taylor, he came close to winning the Brawl, only to be eliminated after a precisely timed superkick to the jaw. 

But with that contract in hand, we don’t think we’ve seen the last of Hendricks’ power plays in MCW. He’s suddenly become the most dangerous player around.

3. A new attitude for Kellyanne

Making her return to the MCW ring after more than a year, Kellyanne seems to have gotten only more aggressive during her hiatus, and it’s clear that she’s making up for lost time. Her first challenge came from the always impressive Jessica Troy, herself making her first MCW appearance since 2019. In fact, Kellyanne faced Jessica Troy during her last series of appearances in MCW, and many observers called their previous match the bout of the night.

While their last match was a display of style and speed, this time round it was all about doing whatever it takes to get the win, and it was soon clear that Kellyanne was willing to go further in that regard than the plucky Troy, getting the win and bloodying up Troy in the process.

And now Kellyanne turns her sights towards the one thing she’s never held – the MCW Women’s Championship. She’s on a collision course with current champion Avary, a woman she hasn’t beat in one-on-one competition since 2017.  

4. Gore will be a force to be reckoned with

One of the big surprises in this year’s Ballroom Brawl match is the arrival in MCW of the monstrous Gore. The entrants in the Brawl has just worked hard to eliminate Jake Andrewartha, and no sooner had he been eliminated, but the masked Gore entered the match. And he made an immediate impression, eliminating four men in quick succession – it might have been five if Nick Bury wasn’t quick witted enough to slide under the bottom rope and take some time out at the commentary box. Which turned out to be a fateful decision for Gore, as Bury joined forces with his tag team partner Mitch Waterman to throw out Gore later in the match. 

But this is just a brief respite for the MCW locker room – Gore is now here, and he is going to be a real force to be reckoned with. We pity whoever is unlucky enough to face him in the ring. Oh, just in case you had any doubts about his pedigree – he’s the brother of KrackerJak. 

MCW – you’ve been warned.

5. The Natural Classics won’t be denied

There’s seemingly been a change in attitude with Tome and Stevie Filip following their unsuccessful challenge for the MCW Tag Team Championship at MCW Homecoming. During that match they held off from exploiting Mitch Waterman’s injury, and they paid the price. Their frustration was immediately apparent, as they refused to shake the hands of the Brat Pack following the match.

Now at MCW Ballroom Brawl, they faced the Mile High Club, who had their own doubts surrounding following the injury to Tyson Baxter that took him out of Homecoming. But The Natural Classics weren’t going to make the same mistake twice, showing a new level of aggression on their way to the win, becoming the #1 contenders to the Tag Team Championship in the process. 

Now with Mitch Waterman having to focus on both the Tag Team Championship and his newly won opportunity for the MCW World Championship, is this the perfect time for the Filip brothers to step up and reclaim the Tag Team belts? 

MCW Ballroom Brawl is now available to stream on-demand at MCWOnDemand.com.au